Kledia Lika

Kledia Lika is part of the CSL (Center for School Leadership) staff, since March 2020.

Kledia contributes to the CSL’s offices as Project Manager for the “Continuous Professional Development and School Inspection” program.

Kledia’s professional experience includes 10 years of project management, in various projects in the sphere of education, children’s rights, and empowering the young generation in Albania and Kosovo.

Prior to joining CSL, Kledia worked for 9 years in several managerial positions for World Vision organization. Most prominent roles for Kledia were Program Officer for Youth Program in Albania , Team Leader for the development program in Lezha County and Program Manager for the World Vision offices in Kosovo.

Kledia has a BA degree in finance and accounting, from “Tirana University” (Economy Department) and a MBA degree in Business Management and administration from “Epoka University”, in Albania.