The Center for School Leadership has been established as result of cooperation between Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) and Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth (MoESY) aiming to support the professional development of in-service and aspiring principals/ vice principals of public or private pre-university educational institutions, by administering the compulsory training, certification process and provide on-the-job continuous professional development training.

CSL relies on a well-defined legal framework such as Law No. 48/2018 dated: 23.07.2018 “On some additions and changes to the law 69/2012 dated 21.06.2012 “On the pre-university education system in the Republic of Albania” and in the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 540/2018 dt. 19.09.2018 “On the organization and operation of the Center for School Leadership – and their training and certification”.

Since October 2018, CSL functions as an independent structure from the point of view of administration, information, and management of training programs.
It accomplishes this by administering the Compulsory Training Program (CTP) and the certification testing process that follows this program and providing on-the-job continuous professional development training through the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD).


Main tasks of CSL are to:

* Develop, lead and monitor the process of initial training for in-service principals/ vice- principals and aspiring principals
* Conduct testing process and equip all qualified candidates with a valid certification in order to be eligible for a school leadership position.
* Collaborate and coordinate with other educational institutions in Albania to improve
school leadership policy and standards.
* Periodically assess needs for training and offer continuous professional development
courses for school principals
* Lead and develop scientific research for school principal professional development and conduct relevant studies on the field.
* Develop projects that supports the quality of service delivery in the pre-higher education institutions in Albania
* Facilitate collaboration with similar international institutions.


CSL is committed to prepare better school principals by building their professional
leadership and managerial capacities through a high-quality school principal training program.


CSL visions schools with well-equipped leaders who positively affect school
environment and directly increase the quality of education.

CSL Executives
Gerti Janaqi
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Director, Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education
Aleksandër Sarapuli
Co-CEO, Albanian-American Development Foundation
Martin Mata
Co-CEO, Albanian-American Development Foundation
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Professional growth for principals of Pre-University Education Institutions
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Professional growth for principals of Pre-University Education Institutions
Professional growth for principals of Pre-University Education Institutions
Professional growth for principals of Pre-University Education Institutions
Professional growth for principals of Pre-University Education Institutions
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