Privacy Policy

Through this policy, the Center for School Leadership aim to inform the public on the procedures of collection and use of personal data of the applicants that apply for the training program offered by the CSL. The data processing is carried out after the subject has given its consent and/or in other cases provided by the Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On protection of personal data” as amended.

The Center for School Leadership was established as result of cooperation between Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) and Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth (MoESY).

The legal base for the operation of the Center for School Leadership is the Law No. 48/2018 dated 23.07.2018 “On some additions and amendments to the Law No. 69/2012 ‘On the pre-university education system in Albania’ amended” and on the Decision of Council of Ministers No. 540/2018 dt. 19.09.2018 “On the organization and function of the Center for School Leadership of Pre-University Education Institutions and their training and certification”. The Center for School Leadership functions since October 2018 and has managerial, administrative, financial and technical independence.

The Center for School Leadership, through its website will collect the data of applicants applying for the training program in fulfillment of its function and responsibilities.


Object of Privacy Policy

This document aims at informing the subject of personal data (the applicants) on the way of collecting, processing and protecting personal data declared on CSL website. These processes are carried out in full accordance with the legal provisions and the regulatory framework for protection of personal data in the Republic of Albania.

The applicant confirms the completeness and authenticity of the information provided by stating that he has correctly and truthfully completed all the information requested. Also, upon completing the online application, the applicant gives his consent for further processing of information provided.

The Center for School Leadership assures each applicant that data collected through the application procedure will not be used for other purposes than those stated above. At the same time, the CSL is committed to rigorously enforcing the legal framework in protecting and respecting any action related to applicant’s personal data, as provided by Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On the protection of personal data” as amended and any other act adopted by the Commissioner on the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data.

The Center for School Leadership undertakes all the responsibilities to protect and not to misuse in any case these data.


Question / Complaints / Information

For any requests, information or possible issues regarding our website:, please contact:

Center for School Leadership

Blv. Zhan D’Ark, Nr. 23, Tirana, Albania