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The training program for continuous professional development (CPD) is an optional program, designed to serve all groups of teachers, principals, and vice-principals in pre-university education schools.

This program includes topics for teachers who are just starting their careers, department heads who aspire to be principals, and experienced principals who want to grow professionally.

The program consists of four (4) modules, giving the possibility of professional growth according to the needs of all teachers and school leaders. The modules include four areas interventions such as:


  1. New horizons – program for teachers who are at the beginning of their career;
  2. Learning to lead – The program for middle level management, which includes teachers, heads of departments, or aspirants to be directors
  3. Leadership program for incumbent directors – an introductory program for directors with 1-3 years of leadership experience.
  4. From good to great – leadership program for directors with long working experience.

The CPD training program has a set of accredited modules that are delivered by selected trainers.

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Training program for continuous professional development CPD


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Training program for continuous professional development CPD


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