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This program aims to provide leaders and aspirants for leaders with the certificate of head of Pre-University Education Institutions,
following the training program designed specifically for leaders of Preschool Education Institutions, in a suitable time frame for this purpose.

The program is of a very high quality and is based on the successful model of the Avney Rosha Institute, in Israel, for the training and

certification of IAP leaders, adapting to the latest needs and standards of IAP leaders in Albania.



Compulsory Training Program (CTP) for Certification of School Principals

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Compulsory Training Program (CTP) for Principals of Pre-school Educations Institutions

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Compulsory Training Program (CTP) for Principals of Higher Vocational Education Institutions (VET)

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Before you start your online application, make sure you scan all the document in electronc form.You can write us at:

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