Rovena Elmazi

Rovena Elmazi is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center “School of Directors of Pre-university Education Institutions (CSL). Rovena Elmazi holds the title “Doctor of Science”, after completing her post-graduate doctoral studies at NSA “Vassil Levski”, Bulgaria. She attended the Master’s studies in “Public Law”, with a focus on the study of Public Procurement Legislation in Albania, a comparative view with EU legislation, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana. Also, Rovena holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the “Vojo Kushi” Sports Academy.


Rovena Elmazi has been part of several important Leadership programs such as Lead Albania, a program conceived based on the White House Fellows Program in the United States of America, Leadership and Character in Uncertain Times, organized by The Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education and Leadership Program, from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Brussels, has also entered into a scholarship from the US Department of Sport Diplomacy Division to participate in the ‘Championship Principles’ training program.


Ms. Elmazi currently works in the role of advisor to the cabinet of the Minister of Education and Sports of Albania, providing support and advice to the minister, members of the cabinet and maintaining contact with local and international partners in the education and sports sector. In this context, it coordinates consultations and management of relations with partner institutions, national and international organizations, as well as various government agencies related to these sectors.


In the position of advisor to the Minister of Education and Sports of Albania, she works closely with organizations such as AADF, USAID, UNICEF, Save the Children, Word Vision, various organizations and agencies of the EU and the UN, as well as with representations and embassies. different ones that have projects and programs in the field of education and sports.


In addition to her work as an advisor to the Minister of Education and Sports, she also has a long experience as a lecturer at the “Organization and Management” Department at the Sports University of Tirana. She has carried out a series of scientific researches based on her field of expertise in the field of Organization and Management, she is also the leader of several national and international projects, exercising various responsibilities related to the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of education projects. and sports for children and youth to meet the required standards of every program that has followed in this sector.