Module: Training of trainers and assessment’s specialists related to curricular novelty

Combined training

Duration: 18 hours

Number of credits: 1 credit


Short description


This module aims to prepare trainers and specialists in the field of evaluation related to aspects of curricular novelty, to help teachers in orientation in these features to adapt to curricular novelty and to implement evaluation procedures in the classroom.

The aim of this module is to enable the teacher to carry out a transparent assessment and in parallel with learning, as well as enable them to prepare students to identify their strengths and weaknesses to further promote their development.


Beneficiaries of the training


  • Principals (principals/vice principals) of educational institutions (primary, and/or lower secondary education, higher secondary education: gymnasium, vocational education, oriented secondary school);
  • Evaluation specialists and trainers.


Expected results


At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:


  • understand the connection between learning principles and teaching practices, which constitute the essence of active learning in assessment;
  • possess very good organizational skills;
  • demonstrate highly successful interpersonal skills appropriate for working with adults;
  • evaluate effectively and demonstrate high professional standards and ethics;
  • explain the results of the students’ assessment considering the conditions in which they were achieved.




Bardhyl Musai