Module: Innovative teaching methods for teachers, digital classrooms

Online training

Duration: 18 hours

Number of credits: 1 credit


Short description

The need to learn by integrating digital learning tools is growing every day as technology is now an important and highly influential factor in everyday life, including educational systems.

The importance of this module lies in encouraging the use and integration of technology in teaching, this leads to improved learning outcomes and the development of digital competence in all, however, they are not what should lead the learning.


Beneficiaries of this training

  • Primary education teachers;
  • Teachers of various subjects for lower secondary education;
  • Teachers of various subjects for higher secondary education;
  • Assistant teachers of 9-year schools;
  • Heads of 9-year schools;
  • DAR/ZVA specialists.


Expected results

At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:


  • improve knowledge on the guidelines and legal basis for the integration of technology in teaching;
  • integrate online tools and platforms for improving digital competences;
  • create digital classrooms for maintaining online portfolios and assessments.



Dhurata Myrtollari