“Call for Applications” for International Experts
Posted on 14/04/2022

Center for School Leadership (CSL) has launched the “Call for Applications” for International Experts who will guide and support CSL team in designing the Compulsory Training Program (CTP) for principals of pre-school (kindergarten) institutions.

Based on the Law No. 48/2018, CSL is the mandated institution (by the Albanian legislation) to provide Compulsory Training and Certification Program for school principals and aspiring principals of pre-university education institutions.

The contracted experts will be engaged in different duties as explained below:

– Engage as a lead expert in the working group that will be established to design the Training Manual. The role of the expert in this case will be to lead, supervise and advise the working group while designing the Training Manual.

– Revise the training topics that will be designed by Albanian experts. In this case the role of the expert will be to evaluate the proposals of the local experts and provide suggestions on the most appropriate topics/contents that need to be included in the Training Manual.

– Engage in designing parts of the Training Manual. The expert might be required to write certain topics of the Training Manual if there is no local expertise to cover specific areas.

– Engage as an expert in designing the Certification process of the Program. The expert could support the CSL team to define the testing scheme of the program and testing components.

Deadline for Application: 15  June 2022

For more details, please refer to the following Terms of Reference (ToR) document attached.

Terms of Reference