Center for School Leadership is runing the training program online
Posted on 10/04/2020

In this challenging time, Center for School Leadership (CSL) is making efforts to keep the pace of its activities. This week, CSL started the 3rd trimester of the compulsory training program for certification of school principals. The training program is running online since the last sessions of the 2nd trimester using an alteration of online platforms such as zoom and google classroom.

The online method is found by the participants well accepted and the best alternative of running the program nowadays. Continuing the training program online has been supported by the findings of the survey conducted with the participants. Based on this survey, 92% of the participants find the online sessions of trainings as the best solution given the situation and 86% of them have attended all the training sessions.

“Pedagogic diagnosis of the school’, “Leading transformational change within the context of legislation of Albanian Law” and “Effective teaching and learning” are the last modules of the training program which participants are attending simultaneously with the experiential learning and inquiry learning which both cover the empirical components of all topics of the training program.

CSL collaborates with a pool of well-experienced local and international trainers, which provide a highly qualitative program aiming to influence the leadership abilities development process of the principals and aspiring principals participating in the program.