The Graduation Ceremony of the First Cohort of Certified School Leaders and Prospective School Leaders of the K-12 Educational Institutions – July 23rd, 2020
Posted on 29/07/2020


The Center for School Leadership certified the first cohort of school leaders and candidates for school leaders after the completion of the Mandatory Training Program.

November 2019 marked the starting date of the training for the first cohort: 48 applicants selected out of 140 applications from current school leaders and prospective ones from private and public K-12 Institutions in Tirana.

The Mandatory Training Program was conducted throughout nine months, organized in trimesters. The third and final semester was directly affected by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Confronted with an unprecedented situation, the Center for School Leadership was committed to its goals and activities, thus, transitioned to a completely remote learning model.

Forty-six participants successfully concluded the Mandatory Training Program, among which were 17 current school principals, 17 vice-principals, and 12 prospective principals of the K-12 educational institutions in Tirana.

Upon completion of the Program, the participants concluded the certification process, which constituted of three components:

  1. Designing the Final Project, Self-Evaluation, and Action Plan
  2. The written final exam for case studies analysis
  3. Written final exam focused on knowledge testing of the National Leadership Standards

The Graduation Ceremony was regarded and priviledged by the virtual presence of distinctive speeches and salutations from Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania; Mr. Martin Mata, Co-CEO of AADF; Mrs. Yehudit Shalvi, Board Member of the Center for School Leadership, Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, Member of the Parlament of Albania; Mrs. Nina Guga Vice Minister of Education, and Mrs. Zamira Gjini, General Director of Educational and Development Policies in the Ministry of Education.

Among all insecurities that the global pandemic has brought, The Center for School Leadership aims to continue its training program with 200 participants, starting in Fall 2020, expanding the Program in the districts of Durres and Elbasan. Even though the pandemic might condition the Program into a hybrid model between in-person and remote learning, the Center for School Leadership is committed to continuing offering its training adapting the format but by no means compromising its standards and quality.