Dorina Rapti

Dorina Rapti completed her studies in mathematics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, UT in 1995, she completed her master’s degree in teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences (psychology – pedagogy department), UT in 2003 and holds the title of PhD in the school’s Leadership, from the Faculty of Social Sciences, UT in 2013. During the years 1995 – 2007, she worked as a mathematics teacher and principal in 9-year and secondary schools in Tirana, since 2010 she is part -time lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana. During the years 2010-2013, she worked in the Ministry of Education and Science as the head of Vocational Education and directed the process of qualification and training of teachers and school principals in pre-university education. In the period January 2014 – July 2017, she worked as the manager of the qualification and training sector for teachers and leaders at the Institute of Education Development. From July 2017 onwards, she works as director of curriculum and qualification at the Quality Assurance Agency of Pre-University Education, part of the ministry responsible for education. Her expertise is research, curriculum design and development, teacher training, quality assurance, school leadership, teaching methodology, student assessment, critical thinking, inclusiveness in education, use of ICT in the learning process, professional education. She has coordinated projects with the World Bank, the European IPA Delegation, UNICEF, British Council, Erasmus+, etc.