Gentiana Koçi

Gentiana Koçi is driven by the passion to increase values through: communication, cooperation and good organization. She believes that values are developed through education and practicing them at any age and community, so – for 20 years, Gentiana actively leads and supports: children, teachers, leaders, organizations through joint programs and community service. Graduated in Albanian Language and Literature, where she specialized in Advanced Postgraduate Studies, Gentiana started her career as a teacher and, at the age of 26, devoted herself with love to the role of leadership in education as: school principle, trainer, coach, partner and organizations in Albania and England cooperating in the mission of improving people’s well-being. Since 2021, Gentiana is a member of the Values Alliance, based in England. In 2022, she engages with CSL in the role of Coach for the Mandatory Leadership Certification Program and designs the “Reconnection with Values” module, with which he aims to bring a lived international experience and offer it in a friendly and professional manner to any individual community in Albania.