Migena Buka

Dr. Migena Buka is part of the Department of Pedagogy – Psychology in Tirana University since 2006. She teaches in the programs Bachelor in Psychology, Master of Sciences in Organizational Psychology, Master of Sciences in School and Master of Sciences in Clinical Psychology. She has excellent leadership and organizational skills; theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Human Resources (eg: recruitment, staff selection, performance appraisal, needs assessment, etc.) and has led many projects in this field and has had successful collaborations with many companies operating in Albania such as: Albtelecom sh.a., Bankers Petroleum, GIZ, UNICEF, etc. Currently, she is the Head of the Program at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Tirana for the Compulsory Preparatory Training Program for certification of Pre-university Education Institutions principals. She has received ToT organized by CSL with Koby Gutterman in Albania in October 2019 and has been teaching the module “Effective management of people, resources and finance”, since the first cohort.

Dr. Buka completed her Bachelor studies in Psychology and is specialized in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, from Middle East Technical University, in Ankara. She received the degree of Doctor of Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana. She has been part of multiple trainings, conferences and projects with her unique capacities and skills in the field of Human Resources.