Mihallaq Qirjo

Prof. Assoc. Mihallaq Qirjo is a lecturer at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana. His scientific research is related to the field of Applied Ecology. Areas of teaching and research expertise include majoring in Ecology and Environmental Education.

He has an active involvement as a leader or expert in the field in many national/international projects related to environmental monitoring in special natural areas such as in the lagoon ecosystems of the country (Kune-Vain); and in environmental policy programs such as the National Strategy of Integrated Waste Management, Climate Change, Protected Areas, Education for Sustainable Development, etc.

He has published over 40 scientific articles as first author or co-author and about 15 qualification and study materials for teachers, students, representatives of environmental civil society.

With 25 years of experience in leading international organizations working in the field of the environment and is active in the development of the country’s environmental policies, actually he holds the position of Director of the Environment Resource Center in Albania.