Petrina Mataj (Blushi)

Petrina Mataj (Blushi), is the Didactic Director at the “Deutsch-Albanische Schule” Gymnasium in Tirana. She has completed her studies at the FSHN University of Tirana and holds the title of Master of Science from the Agricultural University of Tirana.

Noted for her contributions in the field of education, with teacher training over the last few years, she has a professional experience in teaching, as an IT teacher for 30 years, as well as in textbook publishing, and recently as a trainer in several training center. The priority in her work is advanced teaching methods, the growth of leaders, teachers, practitioners of digital competences during teaching that is always student-centered.

Certification as e-Twinning Ambassador, Leading Teacher with CodeWeek, MEI Expert with Microsoft has made working with projects and integrating technology (tools) in learning to be at the center of her work.