Module: Pedagogical leadership (leadership)

Direct training

Duration: 18 hours

Number of credits: 1 credit


Short description


The purpose of this module is to assist you, as principals, in the difficult task of identifying the needs of the school for yourself and your staff. The participants in this module will build the competencies necessary to increase their capacities for the organization of effective teaching in the school, the development and management of the curriculum in the school. In this module, the participants in the training will be able to get to know the standards of the school director, which define what the director should achieve in his work for a positive performance.


Beneficiaries of this training


  • Principals of preschool education;
  • Principals of 9-year public and non-public education;
  • Principals of public and non-public secondary education;
  • Principals of vocational schools;
  • Heads of specialized schools;
  • Part-time school principals.


Expected results


At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:


  • understand and effectively lead teachers;
  • conceive the means of evaluating an effective teaching;
  • realize the tools and methods of evaluation and development of themselves and the teaching staff;
  • determine the indicators of development, independence and co-creation of groups for the most effective teaching;
  • develop independence, cooperation and creativity in themselves and in the staff in order to develop the school;
  • recognize and determine the development needs of the school through its continuous research.




Shkëlqim Allkaj

Ymer Çiraku