Training module: Cross skills (soft skills)

Combined training

Duration: 18 hours

Number of credits: 1 credit


Short description


The module deals with the contemporary models of school management, as the basic institution of education in Albania, in terms with the legal and regulatory context of the operation of this institution.

This training focuses with priority on building, developing, and consolidating some skills that appear to be secondary (soft), but which in themselves determine and influence school achievements in Albania and the qualitative growth of teaching processes.


Beneficiaries of the training


  • Teachers of preschool education;
  • Primary education teachers;
  • Teachers of lower secondary education and teachers of higher secondary education;
  • Custodian teachers of lower secondary education and higher secondary education;
  • Teachers who develop teaching practice at school;
  • Heads of educational institutions.


Expected results


At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:


  • understand the current trends in school management and adapt to them;
  • work in groups and apply the group work method in the classroom as a form of contemporary teaching method;
  • carry out constructive and two-way communication;
  • apply contemporary methods of problem solving and conflict transformation to ensure a positive climate in the classroom and beyond;
  • put critical thinking in the right relationship with creative thinking;
  • understand, accept and apply the Code of Ethics in teaching;
  • manage to think “out of the box”, applying skills of flexibility, adaptation and creativity.



Tomi Treska